Blackberry & Ylang Ylang Pillow Mist

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A wonderfully uplifting blend of blackberries and pretty ylang ylang. Blackberry to create emotional balance and ylang ylang to enhance your mood. CONTAINS ESSENTIAL OILS

50ml of handmade, highly scented Essential Oil Pillow Mist presented in an elegant amber glass bottle.

Please follow all instructions and safety advisories printed on the bottle.

  • Always wash hands after handling, keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not spray directly into eyes, do not spray directly into an open flame.
  • This product may stain. Always test on a small, inconspicuoUs patch of fabric first.
  • Flammable liquid. Keep away from heat, open flames & other ignition sources.
  • Not all fragrances are skin safe, Please excercise safe practice when using our sprays.
  • All sprays may cause breathing difficulty if you have asthma. If symptoms arise, cease use immediately.
  • Do not ingest.

**CAUTION** - Some essential oils may be poisonous to animals, please keep away from pets. If you or your pets suffer from any side effects, cease use immediately.

A word from the maker:

"As they contain essential oils, please be aware that some essential oils can be harmful to pets. It is extremely unlikely that the inhalation of essential oils will do any harm as the oil is substantially diluted in a spray.
Actual ingestion on the other hand, can be harmful. So please bear this in mind when spraying your bedding, as cats and dogs may lay on freshly sprayed sheets and proceed to groom themselves - thus, ingesting some of the oil.

We suggest using essential oil pillow mist on pillows only. Use only on bedding where pets do not frequent, or at the very least, allow the area you’ve sprayed to dry before letting pets sleep there.

Please know that this is all precautionary. We ourselves have 2 cats who constantly sleep on our beds and we’ve been testing these sprays for weeks with no consequence. This however, doesn’t mean that your pets won’t react. They’re all different!

Another caution, our Pillow Mists contain alcohol - meaning they are flammable. Keep away from open flames or any other heat sources.


Enjoy, but use responsibly! Xx"