About Us

Hello and welcome to Cleave's Home Fragrance!

We specialise in creating beautiful, strong and long-lasting fragrances for your home. All of our products are hand-made, taking extra care to make sure each fragrance is produced to the highest quality.

We have been in operation since November 2015, where it began with only Lorna working away in a small kitchen. Our business has grown tenfold since then, and although we are still very much a "home" business, we now have a dedicated "wax room" and a small team of workers. We are enjoying every single second of it and couldn’t do this without our loyal customers, so we’d like to extend a big heart-felt ‘thank you’ to each and every one of you for helping us achieve our goals. 

It is our mission to move into a warehouse unit, employ more staff and open the shop more permanently for you all. Our children are so young that we are finding that very difficult at the moment but we are working towards it and kindly ask that you all stick with us whilst we climb this ladder. 

Thank you,

Lorna and Dan xXx


How we operate: Currently we are only open once a month for “restocks”. This means that for over 3 weeks of every month, we are busy making all of our stock and the shop will be closed. We then open our shop on a specified date where you can purchase what we have made for that restock. You will find announcements on our Facebook page of opening times/dates or alternatively you can join our Facebook Group and join an ever-growing community of over 1600 Cleave’s fans. Search for “Cleave’s Chat & Mingle” in the FB search bar.

Cleave's Home Fragrance


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