Beauty Parlour Room Spray

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A spa-like blend of refreshing peppermint, soothing lavender and sweet pink sugar.

100ml of handmade, highly scented Room and Linen Mist presented in an elegant amber glass bottle.

Spray into the air to instantly refresh any room. Alternatively, spritz over bedding, sofas, linens etc to add a beautiful fragrance to your fabrics.

Please follow all instructions and safety advisories printed on the bottle.

Not to be sprayed directly onto hard/tiled/wooden floors. May become slippery.
Not to be displayed on polished surfaces. Certain fragrances can strip paint and polish.
Always test a small patch before spraying onto precious fabrics.

Always wash hands after handling, keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not spray directly into eyes, do not spray directly into an open flame.

Not all fragrances are skin safe - always wash your hands after handling.

Potential allergens and all safety information is printed on the back of the bottle. Please use safe practice when using our sprays.
All sprays may cause breathing difficulty if you have asthma. If symptoms arise, cease use immediately. Do not ingest.